The Ensemble is committed to broadening the music on offer to audiences by commissioning new work by internationally acclaimed composers and up-and-coming composing talents.

Composers currently writing for Crash Ensemble:

  • Ann Cleare
  • Linda Buckley
  • Andrew Hamilton
  • Sam Perkin

The Ensemble has commissioned  the following composers and works:

Barry O'Halpin: Wingform, 2021

Daníel Bjarnason: Songs, 2020

Judith Ring: Upbeat Furore, 2019

Sam Perkin: WORD FOR WORD, 2018

Sam Perkin: Twin-Talk, 2018

Kevin Volans: C. Roll. A. eS. H., 2017 

Julia Wolfe: A Wild Furze, 2017

Ed Bennett: Accel..., 2017

Naomi Pinnock: Between, 2017

Donnacha Dennehy: Canons and Overtones, 2017

Michael Gordon: Cake2017

Linda Buckley: chrysalism, 2017

Tansy Davies: Antenoux, 2017

Sean Clancy: Eleven Lines of Music Slope Down and Eventually Stop, 2017

Kate Moore: Music Box, 2017

Amanda Feery: Vultures, 2017

Peter Adriaansz: Crash Codes (No. 62), 2017

Andrew Hamilton: Music for Donkeys who like Music, 2017

Roger Doyle: UX, 2017

David Lang: Super Chill, 2017

Paul Lansky: Audacity, 2017

Ann Cleare: fiáin, 2017

Christopher Mayo: Streets become Liars, 2017

Garrett Sholdice: The Root and the Crown, 2016

Linda Buckley: Torann, 2015

Dave Flynn: Joy, 2014

Valgeir Sigursson: Ghosts, 2013

Michael Gordon: Dry, 2013

Glenn Branca: Thought, 2012

Daniel Figgis: Dimmerswitch, 2012

Nico Muhly:  Drones, Variation, Ornaments, 2011

Andrew Hamilton: Music for people who like art, 2011

Dan Trueman:  'W...', 2011

Ed Bennett: Stop Motion Music, 2010

Christopher Fox: Extended Play, 2009

Michael Smetanin: Shatter, 2008

David Lang: Forced March, 2008

Gerald Barry: First Sorrow, 2007

Arnold Dreyblatt: Resonant Relations, 2004

Kevin Volans: 1000 bars, 2002, Nine Beginnings 2009, Looping Point, 2012

Donnacha Dennehy: Junk Box Fraud, 1997


Composers/works commissioned for Crash from our friends and partners:

Daniel McDermott: Density, 2020. Commissioned by New Music Dublin. 

Matthew Whiteside: Night Thoughts, 2020. Commissioned by New Music Dublin. 

Ed Bennett: Movement from Song of The Books, 2019. Commissioned by Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Barry O’Halpinstridula, 2019. Commissioned by Belfast Music Society.

Matthew Whittall: Resonance Orbits, 2019. Commissioned by Musica Nova.

Maria Minguella: Smack, 2019. Commissioned by New Music Dublin.

Chris McCormack: Like Elastic, 2019. Commissioned by New Music Dublin.  

David Bremner: Permanent ritornello, 2019.Commissioned by New Music Dublin.  

Elis Czerniak: The Pliant Occupy a Higher Place, 2019. Commissioned by New Music Dublin.

Guillaume Auvray: Dark Fluid, 2019. Commissioned by New Music Dublin.

Anselm McDonnell: Engines of Babel, 2019. Commissioned by New Music Dublin.   

Gráinne Mulvey: e-greeting, 2018, Commissioned by New Music Dublin.

Sam Perkin: Grey Area, 2016. Commissed by Engage Arts Festival, Bandon to the Sea, for Crash Ensemble.

Deirdre Gribbin: Invitation to a Journey, 2015. Commissed by CoisCeim for Crash Ensemble. 

Jonathan Nangle: Pause, 2015. Commissioned by The Dock Arts Centre for Crash Ensemble. 

Donnacha Dennehy: The Last Hotel, 2015. Commissioned by Landmark Productions and Wide Open Opera, with generous funding from The Arts Council of Ireland and Culture Ireland.

Niall Vallely: Time Flying, 2014 Commissioned by the Cork Opera House for Crash Ensemble

Donnacha Dennehy: That The Night Come, 2010. Commissioned by and written for Dawn Upshaw (and the Crash Ensemble) with funding provided by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Donnacha Dennehy: Grá agus Bás, 2007. Commissioned by Trinity College, Dublin. 

Terry Riley: Loops for Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy Warriors Racing Down the Slopes of Battle/ Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy Warriors Racing Down the Slopes of Battle, 2007. Commissioned by Louth Contemporary Music Society for a performance by Crash Ensemble at Drogheda Arts Festival.