A Crash Course in... The New York Hypnotic School


Crash Ensemble. A Crash Course in… The New York Hypnotic School.

1960’s – From the Downtown scene in New York originates a new form of experimental music, the New York Hypnotic School.

1968 – The word ‘Minimal’ was first used, by Michael Nyman, in relation to the music of The New York Hypnotic School and becomes the most prominent movement in experimental music-style of the 20th Century.

1972 – Tom Johnson defines “The New York Hypnotic School’. 

“Hypnotic is probably the best word for this music, because it comes closest to

describing the effect that it has on the listener.  The music never entertains or stimulates in an overt way. It simply lulls, hypnotizes, and draws him into its world.“

1990’s - The Orb features a sample from Steve Reich's minimalist work 1987 Electric Counterpoint in their “Little Fluffy Clouds“ Minimal music influences developments in electronic dance, trance, minimal techno and ambient music. 

2014 - Crash Ensemble present at A Crash Course in… The New York Hypnotic School at the Dock Arts Centre in Carrick on Shannon as part of the Carrick Water Music Festival.