New Music Dublin 2014- Hans Abrahamsen's Schnee

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Schnee is an hour-long set of gradually crystallizing canons that are musical portraits of snow: its flurries, how it blankets and blanks out the landscape, its delicacy,its cold. Scored for two pianos and percussion with trios of woodwinds and strings.Hans Abrahamsen explores notions of circular time in a series of exquisite portraits of snow in this late night concert.
After last year's sell-out concert Europa at New Music Dublin, we return to the wonderful setting of the Old Engineering Library at the National Concert Hall for the Irish premiere of this incredible work.
Be warned- seats are limited and demand is high so be sure to book in advance!
“In the beginning of the 90s, I arranged some of J.S. Bach’s canons for ensemble – in total seven single standing works from his entire life span. I became totally absorbed into this music and arranged them with the intention of the music being repeated many, many times, as a kind of minimal music. Obviously, I didn’t know which durations Bach had in mind, but by listening to his canons in this way, a profound new moving world of circular time was opened to me. Depending on the perspective on these canons, the music and its time can stand still or move either backwards or forwards. In my own work, an ongoing idea has persisted, of at somepoint writing a work consisting of a number of canonical movements that would explore this universe of time..."
Hans Abrahamsen
Presented by New Music Dublin