Born In The 80s - Wexford

Crash Ensemble perform our first concert of our 4 concert tour Born in the 80s, a project featuring Irish composing talent who were born in the 80s. It is our aim to bring these new works by young composers to different locations throughout Northern and Southern Ireland.

5 words to describe the programme:

Young - The purpose of the Born in the 80’s programme is to perform music written by young composers, who were born at some point in the 1980s, so they are in their 20’s or 30’s now.

Contemporary Music - Contemporary music can also be called New Music, which is a form of modern classical music. Its music that has been composed since the 60’s by mostly living composers played on classical instruments by trained musicians.

Open - We believe that this music is for everyone. We want to open the doors of exciting contemporary music to audiences all over Ireland (and indeed further afield).

Irish - The music you will hear throughout the concert is by Irish composers. No, that does not mean it will sound Irish in the traditional sense (although it may – that’s up to you to decide!) but all of the music is from home-grown composing talent.

Relaxed - We are trying to take new music away from the formalities and etiquette of the concert hall and make it a more vibrant, engaging experience for our audiences. The audience doesn’t need to worry about knowing the music. We would love people to come and see us for the first time!