Cork Midsummer Festival

Imagine a supernatural being wandering the planet at night, collecting dreams from the world's sleepers, planting those dreams in other minds the next night. 

Experience the midsummer sunrise at Cork’s Blackrock Observatory as Crash Ensemble perform Terry Riley’s Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector’ for Cork's Midsummer Festival.

Crash Ensemble will also perform ‘Aheym’ by Bryce Dessner of acclaimed rock band ‘The National’.

Terry Riley changed the course of 20th Century, music launching the Minimalist movement in 1964 with his revolutionary classic ‘IN C’. This seminal work provided a new concept in musical form based on interlocking repetitive patterns. It's influence has been heard in the works of prominent composers such as Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams and in the music of Rock Groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream, Curved Air and many others.

‘Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector’ follows the compositional model Riley created with his famous minimalist masterpiece In C.

June 2015 marks Riley’s 80th birthday.

Crash Ensemble will be performing as a string quartet.

Ticket includes breakfast at the Observatory café.


Time:  5.14am

Duration: 25 minutes

Produced by Cork Midsummer Festival.