Sunday, 8 April 2018



Grainne Mulvey – Perihelion/Aphelion

Sam Perkin - PIM 

Judith Ring – Up to my f-holes

Brian Bolger – Hicaz [WORLD PREMIERE]


Grainne Mulvey - Perihelion/Aphelion (2012)

Perihelion is the point in the orbit of a planet, comet, or asteroid that is nearest to the sun.  The meaning stems from the Greek words, “peri” meaning “near” and “hellion” meaning “sun” Aphelion is when the orbit is furthest away from the sun. The various textures and timbres present a collage to covey these states and the piece is based on harmonic series. The tape part is derived from material sourced from a collection of pre-recorded violin sounds with some added bell sounds for resonance.

This piece is dedicated to Barbara Lueneburg, who gave the first performance in July 2012. - Gráinne Mulvey.

Sam Perkin - NEW WORK (2018) [WORLD PREMIERE]

Part of a collection of pieces inspired by language, this new work will explore the rhythms and contours of different human languages, from Spanish and English, to German and Japanese. - Sam Perkin

Sam Perkin - PIM (2018)

Originally written for E.Ch.O. Collectif in Lyon, France, this piece was subsequently re-composed for cellist Kate Ellis.  From an oblique angle texturally, the piece explores the moments before sleep - from concrete, rigid thoughts, gradually to a more flexible, soft state of mind.  Once the rhythm of sleep is found, it is a pleasure to be in its groove. - Sam Perkin


Judith Ring - Up to my f-holes (2008)

Up to my f-holes was written for cellist Laura Moody. Recordings were made of the musician exploring her instrument in imaginative ways. The resulting sounds were composed into a tape part that provides an exciting accompaniment to the energetic live part. The performer is free to interpret the score in an individual manner by embellishing the timbre to blend and/or contrast with the tape part. - Judith Ring