Keaton Henson's Six Lethargies

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Performed by string orchestra led by Crash Ensemble 

The Irish premiere of Henson’s new piece performed by string orchestra led by Crash Ensemble, exploring themes of mental illness, trauma and empathy.

Six Lethargies is the culmination of over three years of work from the musician, artist and composer.

Composed around, and from within, issues of mental illness and human emotion, the piece aims to express and explain the feelings of anxiety and depression through six connected movements for string orchestra. .

Known for his inability to perform live due to anxiety, through Six Lethargies, Keaton hands his story over to the orchestra. Not performing himself, he is allowing them to be his voice, as well as providing human connection and empathetic insight, all the while asking the audience ‘if I write how it feels to me, will it make you feel the same?’

The composer Keaton Henson will be attending the performance.

Six Lethargies is a co-commission by The Barbican Centre, London; National Concert Hall, Dublin and Vivid, Sydney.

Presented by NCH