Grey Area

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Irish composer Sam Perkin fuses his passions for skateboarding and music into a mesmerising film.

Shot and edited by skate photographer and videographers Niall O’Byrne and Sam Curtin, Grey Area follows a skateboarder’s nocturnal journey through an urban landscape and is performed by Crash Ensemble, Ireland’s leading new music group.

Blending the essence of street skateboarding with contemporary music, Grey Area is a hypnotic journey through the streets, leading us to secrets that we find only if we are open to them. 

- Sam Perkin

Composer/Director: Sam Perkin
Cinematography: NOB, Sam Curtin
Performers: Crash Ensemble
Skateboarders: Charles Neilson, Paddy Walsh
Commissioned by: Engage Arts Festival for Crash Ensemble with the support of the Arts Council of Ireland