Nomad: Invented

Saturday, 3 April 2021

Enjoy a unique audio-visual adventure co-created by children from St. Christopher’s National School and musicians from Crash Ensemble.

We are delighted to partner with Crash Ensemble for the first time to present another exciting Nomad project as part of BIG BANG bubble in 2021! During each BIG BANG festival, we invite professional musicians to create a musical performance together with a group of children. The children’s musical talents and imaginations merge with those of the musicians to create a unique expression of their musical imaginations through new music.

This year, using ‘inventing’ as a playful a theme, internationally renowned Crash Ensemble are collaborating with 5th class children from St. Christopher’s National School. Over the course of several workshops, the children will invent instruments and sounds from everyday objects, and use these to create new compositions. Visual scores will be drawn by the children who will work with Crash Ensemble to imagine, interpret and shape their ideas to form the final audio-visual piece.

Using home recordings and video footage, Crash Ensemble’s videographer and sound engineer are editing together this short film capturing their music for you to enjoy from home.

This special online Nomad project is a key part of The Ark’s BIG BANG festival programme. Join us to celebrate and enjoy their musical achievements. Get comfortable, sit back, watch, listen and enjoy!