Crash call for new Irish works

Wednesday 6th August, 2008

In keeping with Crash Ensemble's wish to promote young Irish compositional talent, we are continuing with our FREE STATE concert series of new Irish works.

We would like to issue a call for new works from young Irish composers. The age limit is to be 35. Composers must be Irish or of Irish residency.

Crash Ensemble consists of the following instrumentation:
Double Bass (can double as Electric Bass)
Electric Guitar
Piano (can double as synth)
Flute (alto and piccolo also)
Clarinet (also doubles as bass clarinet)

We welcome works for any or all combinations of this configuration and electronics are also an option. If you have a video aspect to the piece this will also be acceptable.

Please send PDF's of scores and/or download links to mockups to the contact email on the contact page. You can also post scores/CD's/DVD's to the contact address. Please do not email large files.

The deadline is Wednesday 1st October 5pm.

FREE STATE III will be held on November 27th as part of a 2 concert series, the second being WORLD VIEW 1: UK, a focus on new music from the UK.