Free Shuttle Bus to Newbridge

Thursday 9th December, 2010

We've had our fair share of luck with the first half of our Stranger Folk Tour, so it's about time for some good news.  We are offering a *FREE* shuttle from Dublin City Centre to our Newbridge show on Saturday, December 11th!

The bus will drop you off after the show OR you can come have a drink with Crash in town! We
will announce where at the show.

We will have a representative on-board to get out and make sure people know
that it's the gig bus. (Wearing a red Crash Ensemble t-shirt)
STOP 1: Bus stop nearest Tara Street Dart station - 6:30 PM
STOP 2: Bus stop nearest Guinness Gates on Victoria Quay- 6:40 PM
STOP 3: Bus stop nearest Heuston Station Ticket Office - 6:50 PM

Here's a link to a map with each stop marked:
Please email admin [at] to reserve your spot.

Don't forget, we're in Cork TONIGHT at the Pavilion!

Cheers, see you there:)