Crash Ensemble- John Cage Haiku Competition

Friday 1st June, 2012

This week we asked our social media fans and friends to write a John Cage-related haiku to be in with a chance of winning 2 tickets to Alarm Will Sound's concert of Cage's 'Songbooks', June 6th, 2012. 

Here's the winning entry by Rachel Ní Chuinn, submitted 29th May 2012:


I heard my heart beat

In an anechoic room.

There is no silence.



And some other entries: 

Eoghan Desmond

John cage. Composer.

Prepared/screwed the piano.

The rest is silence.


Consult the I Ching!

Composition made easy!

Leave it all to chance!


Near complete silence

In this cage piece.Critics say:

Emperor's new clothes?


Lucille Redmond: 29th May 2012

Caged, but breaking free,

Lucretia's son was always