Europa - a roundup

Tuesday 26th March, 2013

We look back at Europa,
Dublin New Music Festival 3rd March 2013

Massiveness and impact are characteristics that the Crash Ensemble rarely lack. And in the smorgasbord of Heiner Goebbels’s Red Run the sequenced solos all worked a treat. Goebbels works rather like a master chef, who always makes sure there’s an unlikely flavour in the mix, an intriguing, often marginal presence that manages to transform the experience of what’s in the foreground. 
Michael Dervan, The Irish Times, March 6th

Danish composer Simon Steen Andersen’s Chambered Music .. featuring texts from Nelson Mandela’s prisoner diaries, hand-made and found instruments and the need for a perfect jam-jar technique...
Austrian Georg Fredrich Hass' string quartet surround-sound with the audience on the inside of the four players, revelling in the complex textures with his String Quartet No.5 

Here (in circles) from Dutch composer Michel Van Der Aa’s “Here” trilogy, explores the relationship of the individual, Soprano Sylvia O'Brien, to her surroundings.

Videography: Yellow Brick Media

We were also honoured to have Heiner Goebbels one of Germany’s most distinctive voices with us for Europa and to gain an insight into how his Red Run was created in an interview with our multi-talented double bass player Malachy Robinson and its first performance as an ensemble piece. Audio and video to follow!