The Last Hotel takes the Edinburgh International Festival by storm...

Thursday 27th August, 2015
The Last Hotel takes the Edinburgh International Festival by storm...
★★★★★ 5 stars Edinburgh Guide
Put Donnacha Dennehy and Enda Walsh in the same space and watch the sparks fly... a major development in the oeuvre of both writer and composer, and a remarkable achievement by all those involved
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★★★★★ 5 stars The Independent
...Crash Ensemble... conducted by Andre de Ridder, are in the Lyceum pit to release the score in a tumult of wheezy surges (there's an accordion), melodic serial sequences and crashing thumps and carnivalesque effusions. It's a thrilling sound. Read more

★★★★★ 5 stars the arts desk
André de Ridder conducts Dennehy’s own Crash Ensemble with swagger and enthusiasm, and they respond with a bright, urgent performance... It’s a superb addition to the repertoire, rich, strange, darkly comic and thoroughly beguiling. Read more

★★★★★ 5 stars Whats on Stage
...the brutality and vigour of Dennehy's score, which is noisy and extraordinary and played brilliantly by the composer's own Crash Ensemble in the Lyceum pit. Read more

★★★★ 4 stars Guardian
...searingly powerful new chamber work by two of Ireland’s foremost creative voices, playwright Enda Walsh and composer Donnacha Dennehy... The Last Hotel unleashes a thrilling musical energy. Dennehy’s 12-piece ensemble... thrums with a savage, unstoppable groove, shouting the unspeakable, seething with emotions that characters are too numb to express. It’s propulsive, gritty and rich. Dublin’s Crash Ensemble and conductor André de Ridder deliver it with tremendous guts and agility.  Read more

★★★★ 4 stars The Irish Times
Dennehy’s score and Walsh’s libretto provide a work of wide imagination, unsettling meditation and archly quotidian detail.
... the whinnying strings and jittery rhythms of the excellent Crash Ensemble performers absorb phrases of elevator muzak, RTÉ weather reports, or cede entirely to a queasy disco of Louis Walsh hits.  
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★★★★ 4 stars Fest Magazine
Walsh's text is tight and sparse, but without a hint of surrealism...The Crash Ensemble more than match this tightness, keeping Dennehy's little units—spasms, even—of rhythm nailed to the rails.  Read more

★★★ 3 stars The Times
Walsh's mordant bleakness has its roots in Beckett and Pinter, while Dennehy's score (stunningly delivered by his own Crash Ensemble under Andrew de Ridder's direction) takes the rambunctious ebullience of Gerald Barry and the raucous thrash minimalism of of Louis Andriessen as its starting points.  Read more

★★★ 3 stars Herald Scotland
Dennehy’s music is powerful stuff, and superbly played by his own Crash Ensemble under Andre de Ridder. Including our own Owen Gunnell on percussion among the dozen virtuosos in the pit, the band are worth the ticket price on their own. Read more

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Dublin Theatre Festival
O'Reilly Theatre
27th Sept – 3rd Oct 2015

The Royal Opera House, London
Linbury Studio
9th – 17th Oct 2015

Produced by Landmark Productions and Wide Open Opera in association with Crash Ensemble. Funded through an Arts Council Opera Production Award. Supported by Irish Theatre Trust, The Irish Times and Culture Ireland.