New Release: Andrew Hamilton 'Music For People'

Monday 12th March, 2018
Michelle O'Rourke voice | Juliet Fraser soprano | Maxime Echadour percussion | Crash Ensemble | Ives Ensemble | Alan Pierson conductor

Michelle O'Rourke voice
Juliet Fraser soprano
Maxime Echardour percussion
Crash Ensemble
Ives Ensemble
Alan Pierson conductor


Andrew Hamilton was born in Dublin in 1977 and studied in Ireland, England and The Netherlands with composers Kevin Volans, Anthony Gilbert and Louis Andriessen. His music has been described as post-minimalist, playful, unique and unpredictable - "I use a lot of repetition to create a state of unease, ambiguity, and sometimes joy, and also to laugh at the world" Hamilton explains.

In music for people who like art (2010) for voice and ensemble, Hamilton sets text from American artist Ad Reinhardt's '25 Lines of Words on Art: Statement' (1958). The phrase 'ART IS ART' is continually repeated, each occurence with a change of dynamics, tempo and delivery.

To The People for soprano and percussion is in 19 movements, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. It sets excerpts from French philosopher Jean Baudrillard's book America, and revolves around a simple melody that transfers, with subtle modifications, between voice and percussion.

music for roger casement (2006) is a quasi-chamber concerto for harmonium and gets its name from the Ulster-born diplomat who, after reporting on atrocities in the Congo and South America, was executed by the British for treason for seeking to aid Irish revolutionary efforts (in the course of which trial his then-illegal homosexual activity was aired). The Dutch-based Ives Ensemble, for which this piece was written, effortlessly take on the technical demands of this frenzied piece, which has a lasting impact.