Creative Partners

Jimmy Eadie

Jimmy is a founding member of Crash, and has been involved since our inception in 1997. He was Crash Ensemble's Front of House Sound Engineer from 1997 - 2015 and became our first Creative Partner in December 2015. Here is his biography in his own words.

I have been involved in music and production since 1987, with my mistakes becoming more elaborate ever since!

I have a fundamental interest in sound and I am always looking for new ways to project and diffuse it, whether this be in the form of a concert, recording or installation. I have performed and released material with the bands Into Paradise and The Idiots as well as other projects; Amusement, Ice IV, and Ick. I am a founding member of the Crash Ensemble and we have worked together since 1997. I have worked as a sound designer for PanPan Theatre Co. for many of their productions, winning the 2011 Irish Times Theatre award for ‘All That Fall’ by Samuel Beckett. I have toured Europe and America with many Irish acts as sound engineer/designer. I have trained with Meyer Audio, L-Acoustic and Rational Acoustics.

I teach audio production in TCD Dublin, and Pulse College, Dublin.