Laura Sheeran

Laura Sheeran is a musician and video director based in Dublin.

Laura started working with Crash Ensemble in 2015 and has produced a wide variety of content for the group including live performances videos, documenting behind the scenes and creating live visuals. In 2017 Laura directed a music video for Crash Ensemble to accompany Donnacha Dennehy’s piece, As An Nós.

Laura’s musical career began at the age of fifteen singing with Fovea Hex, an avant garde collective founded by Clodagh Simonds’ (Mellow Candle, Mike Oldfield). Members of the collective include Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, Carter Burwell and Colin Potter (Nurse with Wound).

Between 2006 and 2009 Laura performed at many notable events in Europe with Fovea Hex including the closing ceremony of David Lynch’s exhibition “The Air Is On Fire” in the Cartier Foundation in Paris.
Through working with Fovea Hex, Laura met Crash Ensemble’s Cora Venus Lunny and Kate Ellis who collaborated with Laura on her first two solo albums ‘Lust of Pig & the Fresh Blood’ (2010) and ‘What The World Knows’ (2012).

In 2014 Laura began working in video and produced an online series ‘Live at Unit1’ which featured performances, interviews and photographic portraits of over thirty independent artists from Ireland and abroad. Soon after, Laura started directing music videos.

Laura also works in theatre and has collaborated on seven productions with Irish writer Little John Nee. Laura provided visuals, music and sound design for several of Nee’s theatre productions between 2004-2017. Laura co-directed Nee’s ‘Radio Rosario’ which featured in the Dublin Theatre Festival 2017.

In 2016 Laura directed ‘Changeling’, a show commissioned by Mary Hickson for the Clonmel Junction Festival. Changeling starred Stephanie Dufresne and featured an original score by composer Linda Buckley. Changeling fused solo dance with film to tell the tragic story of Bridget Cleary, the last ‘witch’ to be burned in Ireland in 1895. The show was a success and returned to the festival for a second year in 2017.

Today Laura’s works predominantly in video and photography working with clients such as Crash Ensemble, Dublin Guitar Quartet, Ergodos, Irish Baroque Orchestra, Rubyworks, Classical Links and Spike Cello Festival.