A Strange Beauty

A Strange Beauty

Set Theatre @ Kilkenny Arts Festival

August 14, 2022


The music of Linda Buckley
With Crash Ensemble, Liam Byrne and Fiona Kelleher.

Linda’s new work Undersong for Liam Byrne and Crash Ensemble, combines the unique sound world of viola da gamba, ensemble and electronics. Co-commissioned by Crash Ensemble and Kilkenny Arts Festival, Undersong explores the notion of our undersong - the underlying sounds of landscape; the ambient murmur of our environment, often hard to hear or tune in to.

The Hildegard Project - a reimagining of the work of iconic medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen by sisters Linda and Irene Buckley with renowned singer Fiona Kelleher. For this performance Linda and Fiona will create an immersive response to Hildegard’s Latin plainchants, merging inspirations from early music to electronica.

📷 Olesya Zdorovetska


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