Board members -names and biographies


The members of the company are the Directors and the Executive Team. 

Charity SORP

The companies financial statement are presented in a form which complies with the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) for Charities as issued by the Charities Commissioners for England and Wales in March 2005.

Code of Governance

Crash Ensemble is committed to the code of governance and has implemented the code.

Principles of Good fundraising

Crash Ensemble has committed to comply with the principles of good fundraising and intends to have completed the process by the end of 2020.

Articles and memorandum of Association

Audited accounts

Child safeguarding statement and Child Protection and Welfare Policy and Procedures

Senior Staff

Artistic Director (part time): €20,000-30,000 bracket

Chief Executive Officer (part time): €30-40,000 bracket