Crash 25! Charged Disruption

Crash 25! Charged Disruption

The National Concert Hall, Dublin

December 3, 2022


Donnacha Dennehy, Grá agus Bás

Diamanda La Berge Dramm & Neva Elliott, Crashed

Grá agus Bás soloist: Iarla O'Lionaird
Crashed soloist: Diamanda La Berge Dramm
Conductor: Ryan McAdams

In 2022, Crash Ensemble celebrate their most significant birthday to date - the 25th! Drawing together noteworthy past commissions with present and future explorations of sound and environment; these concerts feature the group in all their glory, collaborating with some of the most influential global music makers of today.

Donnacha Dennehy’s magnetic, soulful and influential work Grá agas Bás sits in the ‘between’ world of classical contemporary, sean nós and electropunk. Through this work, and their collaborations with Donnacha, Crash Ensemble developed their signature sound, which continues to evolve and travel with them both at home and abroad. 

In ‘Crashed’ Artist in Residence Diamanda La Berge Dramm and writer Neva Elliott draw on the unique energy of the players of the group, through the use of their voices and instruments - with illustrations by Craig Carry, commissioned for Crash’s 25th anniversary.

Presented by Crash Ensemble and the National Concert Hall.


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