New Music Dublin @ The National Concert Hall, Dublin

April 20, 2023


Shining a spotlight on the music of Crash founder and Guggenheim fellow Donnacha Dennehy, we play the world premiere of Limina - a piano chamber concerto commissioned by and featuring Crash Pianist Eliza McCarthy, alongside two iconic solo works Overstrung and PADDY.

'In this new piece Limina… each movement transcends the tessitura initially established for it: Head, Chest and Nervous System (which starts right in the gut in this instance). The idea of transcending a threshold is kind of essential to the whole piece on many levels in fact, as is the creation of the thresholds in the first place!’
Donnacha Dennehy                                                                                            

Donnacha Dennehy - PADDY (2003)    
Donnacha Dennehy - Overstrung (2010)
Donnacha Dennehy - Limina – a piano chamber concerto (2023) [World Premiere]

Thursday 20 April, 7.30pm

📷 Laura Sheeran


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