Sundays at Noon present: Crash Ensemble 'When I Became the Sun'

Sundays at Noon present: Crash Ensemble 'When I Became the Sun'

Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin

June 30, 2024


Crash Ensemble present ‘When I Became the Sun’


Amanda Feery, Sun Stands Still

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Star

Ian Wilson, When I Became the Sun (world premiere)*

Presenting the world premiere of Ian Wilson’s When I Became the Sun’, performed by Crash Ensemble with guest soloist Lina Andonovska (flute), alongside Amanda Feery’s ‘Sun Stands Still’ (2015), and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly’s ‘Star’(2009).

Ian Wilson, When I Became the Sun (world premiere)

Ian Wilson’s world premiere ‘When I Became the Sun’ (2023) for flute solo plus ensemble, was inspired by the physical processes at the heart of our local star, The Sun, and the physical and emotional processes behind humans' responses to sunlight - the joy/oppression axis, depending on where in the world one lives.

The piece, composed in mind of the virtuosity, musicality, and performativity of soloist Lina Andonovska, incorporates an occasionally-emergent musical layer incorporating a deconstruction of the song ‘Toxicity’ by the Armenian-American rock band System of a Down.

Amanda Feery: Sun Stands Still (2015)

Solstice literally means 'Sun Stands Still'. On December 21st or 22nd every year, the winter solstice sunrise lights up a tiny chamber inside an ancient tomb in the Irish countryside. As the chamber is so small, there is a lottery every year for visitors allowed into the tomb to witness the event. People travel from all over the world to watch the rays of light penetrate the chamber, which only lasts for a few minutes. The sun sets before 4pm that day, and the sky casts a peaceful light. Like the thousands of people on waiting lists to witness this moment, it is a special day to me. This day is my New Years Eve, to watch the last light of the year set, and to refect on the last 12 months, which, has been a particular stormy and unnerving year globally. The piece is a juxtaposition of musical refections on the years end – one being the placid light of the winter solstice, and the turbulency of events that sent shockwaves around the world.

Benedict Schlepper-Connolly, Star (2009)

4:30am, The Béara Peninsula, Cork. Driving to Dursey’s Island in the dark and fog. Country songs on the radio.

Then, sunrise. Continue.

Stella Maris, Lux illustrans omnia. Star of the sea, your light illuminates everything. [Messe de Tournais]

Supported by Dublin City Council


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