Taste & Listen with Crash & Imbibe Coffee Roasters

Taste & Listen with Crash & Imbibe Coffee Roasters

Music Town Festival @ Imbibe Roasters, Dublin

May 15, 2022


Explore the textures and mouthfeel

Taste, listen, slurp, sound

Washed, spiky, flavours, tongue

A rare chance to experience a private tour of Imbibe coffee roastery in Dublin 8 and an intimate listening event with Ireland’s leading contemporary music group, Crash Ensemble.

Over the course of a morning we will experience flavours, tastes and sounds to invigorate, challenge and appreciate.

Just as there are endless flavour notes in coffee, which are observed through a coffee tasting technique called cupping, there are endless textures and colours to experience in today’s new music. We are inviting the audience to hear extended techniques in contemporary music through this workshop and to take part in a radical new study into the reported effect of music on taste.

Crash Ensemble will play brand new music by Irish composers, from the [REACTIONS] series of new works for the group. 

The coffee will be a mixture of 4 very different coffees, from batch brew filter to genuinely some of the best coffees in the world. Some of Ireland’s top coffee specialists will be serving up on the day and available for chats. 

It will be a rare chance to visit this working roastery and experience live music with Crash Ensemble in such a great venue.

Workshops will take place at 11am and 1pm on Sunday 15 May.

Proudly presented in partnership with Imbibe Coffee Roasters as part of Musictown Festival 22.


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