Children in the Universe

Children in the Universe

Children in the Universe is a Crash commission by Sam Perkin.

‘Children in the Universe' (2020–2022) is a hybrid symphony for Crash Ensemble and Halo Track, with Diamanda La Berge Dramm as guide. The work was written during Sam's time as Composer in Residence with the ensemble.

Performed by Crash Ensemble with visuals by Crash filmmaker in residence Laura Sheeran.
Composed between 2020 and 2022, I have gone deep for this work. There are two years of life in here. Our Guide, Diamanda, will take us on a sacred journey to a place where only music can. She will act as a medium through which, with open ears, we can dream much needed counsel. Together, we can use this guidance to create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” Sam Perkin
Children in the Universe
“My first approach towards the video was to try and mirror in a way the structure and essence of the piece as Sam had composed it. I knew I wanted the video to be playful and vast while also remaining somewhat contained. Structurally, the composition contains a ‘halo track’, a synthesized sound bed which underlies everything played live by the ensemble. This layering was something I definitely wanted to incorporate in the visual side of things, and to create ambiguity with regard to what is visible and invisible at any one time as is the case when experiencing the piece being performed. I was grateful to film in the National Concert Hall, the home of the piece’s premiere at the New Music Dublin festival in 2022, for which I had designed a live visual accompaniment. I wanted to incorporate some aspects of these visuals into the film too. The white room in the concert hall created the perfect container for playful experimentations with green screen elements. I worked with artist Kate Finegan to capture movement in the body, and finally, in post production, I embarked on lots and lots (and lots) of layering. I approached the editing process completely intuitively and followed the music where it was leading me, this is a common part of my process and for me works best when working with visuals and music together.” Laura Sheeran
Children in the Universe

Journey of Children in the Universe:

Premiere at New Music Dublin 2022 with full ensemble and soloist Diamanda La Berge Dramm and visuals by Laura Sheeran.

Performance at Galway International Arts Festival July 2022.

Filmmaker Laura Sheeran was commissioned in 2023 to create a film based on the composition.

EP launch 3rd November 2023.

Children in the Universe film premiere coming up on Saturday 4th November 2023 as part Beta Festival. WATCH TRAILER.


Sam Perkin


Laura Sheeran


Crash Ensemble

Ryan McAdams Conductor

Children in the Universe

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RELEASE DATE: 3 November 2023

Marking the culmination of Sam Perkin's period as Composer in Residence with Crash Ensemble, Children in the Universe is his second release on Crash Records.

Crash Ensemble
Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Solo Violin
Ryan McAdams, Conductor
Recorded by Ian Dowdall
Edited, mixed and mastered by Brian Bolger

Children in the Universe

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